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We, Petros & Rissi (Petrissi) have been together since 2008, when we met in a cafe in London. Since then our passion for each other has always been accompanied with our passion for travel. Discovering new places while revisiting our favourite ones has become a major part of our relationship.


What we do when we go on vacation is visit attractions, restaurants, nightlife etc., recommended by our friends that are either locals or have visited there before. 

A lot of people ask us for recommendations and tips about the different places that we visit, which is why we have created this website to share our favourite spots around the world. As most cities have many cool places to visit, we focus on our top 5 recommendations in different categories. This way when you are travelling, you can check this site, find the location and find top suggestions to make your vacation a memorable one. You can even click on the links to get more information about the establishment.

Subscribe below or on our Contact Us page to stay tuned for regular updates as our site is constantly being updated with new cities, and with feedback and suggestions from locals. So that means we can update you on a funky new restaurant recommended in Paris, or the hottest new club in New Orleans.

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