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Welcome to, a straight to the point site which provides tips on what to explore on your next vacation. 
As travellers ourselves, we know how time-staking it is to find suggestions on what to do when visiting a new place.
That's why we have provided our top recommendations on various attractions, restaurants, bars and more, so that we do the hard work for you.

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  • Make sure you also visit Lake Bohinj. It's Lake Bled's not so glamorous cousin and it's less crowded and in many ways more authentic. It's a short drive from Bled and a great location for a chiller summer holiday!

  • If you want to drive on the country's motorways, you MUST buy a the toll sticker called vignette. These are available at any petrol station and I think we only paid €15. If like us, you're renting a car in another country and driving it into Slovenia, you have to declare it to the rental agency. They will equip you with the proper insurance.

  • A part from the views, we were not crazy for Bled Castle. If you are short on time, you can give it a miss.

  • Everyone speaks English quite well but here are a few basic phrases to get you started. Zdravo which means ‘Hello’; Hvala means ‘Thank you’; Prosim is ‘Please’; Oprostite is “Excuse Me” and Ja and No for ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

  • Vinoteca Movia has a great selection of wine and they are very willing to explain everything about Slovenian wine. Great place to visit.

  • Postojna cave and castle are on the way to Ljubljana if you are driving from Italy. If you have 4/5 hours to spare, make sure you stop there.

  • Absolutely try the Cremeschnitte at Bled. And if the weather holds you can swim in the lake even to the small island in the middle.

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