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Welcome to, a straight to the point site which provides tips on what to explore on your next vacation. 
As travellers ourselves, we know how time-staking it is to find suggestions on what to do when visiting a new place.
That's why we have provided our top recommendations on various attractions, restaurants, bars and more, so that we do the hard work for you.

  • Petrissi

Los Angeles, USA

Updated: Feb 18, 2019






  • Have tacos and egg sandwiches at Grand Central Market

  • Many people hike the Runyon Canyon but you can also go for a walk in Griffith Park. One of Griffith Park's best trails leads to the Griffith Observatory, on the park’s highest peak. Make your way up the hill for outstanding views of the city

  • If you're fortunate enough to look younger than 21, you will easily be asked for ID for alcohol at supermarkets. Some may not accept non-US IDs and will only accept passports

  • Download Lyft as an alternative to Uber. Its cheaper and just as reliable

  • Its standard practice to tip 20% at restaurants. If you don't tip you may well be asked why

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