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  • Petrissi

Limassol, Cyprus

Updated: May 8, 2019






  • Limassol bars/clubs are not the most Gay friendly compared to other cities in Cyprus as lots of Cypriots from villages tend to go out there

  • If you're visiting any museums, bear in mind that photo and video shooting is usually prohibited; some cultural institutions allow doing this for a small additional fee. Before the beginning any tour clarify any existing rules of the museum

  • Buy wine in shops located next to wineries as they offer better prices and much more variety

  • A great beach to visit is Kourion Beach, however, there are Gay beaches such as Pissouri Bay & Governor's Beach

  • There is no Uber in Cyprus but the best way to get around in Limassol are taxis which are relatively cheap. Between cities there are bus services available, otherwise if you think you'll be travelling between cities often, renting a car would be advised

  • Plug sockets in Cyprus have the same configuration as the UK and not the rest of Europe

  • Please remember to check out Larnaca on our website, as all locations within Cyprus are within a few hours drive

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1 Comment

Mark Bennett
Mark Bennett
Jan 19, 2022

Hi! Amazing photos! Have you heard anything about the Puninwine shop? I like it and highly recommend it to you when you visit Cyprus again.



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